Tapas in Malaga. My classic tapas tour in the city center

Today I bring you my classic route of tapas in Malaga. A tapas tour around the historic center that I always recommend to family, friends, and first-time visitors. They are personal proposals, which can surely be complemented with other recommendations, but this one has my personal brand and from today that of Málaga Top.

The gastronomic offer in the center of Malaga is increasingly overwhelming, there are hundreds of bars and restaurants that offer a wide and varied offer, not only in terms of food, but the drink is beginning to diversify, with more and more dedicated venues. to wine or craft beer.

In my case, I like to alternate the classic tapas places in Malaga with the new ones, to enrich my gastronomic culture in the city.

For all the tapas bars I will recommend one or two tapas or drinks, to be able to enjoy a complete route and go through all of them, although they are perfectly valid for a longer stay and enjoy its extensive offer. They are not the cheapest tapas in Malaga, but their location has to be paid for.

The prices are similar: around € 2.20 for a tapa, € 4-5 for a half portion and € 2 for a drink.

Tapas in Malaga: my list of essentials.

Most of the tapas bars recommended on my route are very close to Calle Larios, the main street of the city. So in a 15-20 minute radius you can enjoy the best tapas in Malaga.

Cortijo de Pepe.

We will start the tapas route through Malaga through the Plaza de la Merced in a classic par excellence, the Cortijo de Pepe, where my recommendation is to order something from the bbq. Options can be a cresta (spicy hamburger), the grilled octopus or the chorizo of Ardales. Its complement can be any of the more than 20 tapas displayed on the bar, highlighting its salads and stuffed potatoes. And if you order a beer, you will not forget its famous jugs.

Fortunately, the Cortijo de Pepe has reopened, after overcoming the economic crisis of COVID-19.

La Peregrina.

If you fancy some fresh fish or seafood, very close to the Cortijo, we find La Peregrina, with a good selection of seafood of the day, with thin shells, razor clams, mussels, etc. And don’t miss their famous choco meatballs.

Taberna Quitapenas.

The route continues through the Taberna Quitapenas, a classic in Malaga, which stands out for its fried fish (adobo, octopus, rosada), its draft drinks (vermouth, Malaga wines) and its famous champagne cocktail, unique and own recipe. that you must try if you visit it. A good option in relation to quality / price.

La Farola de Orellana.

We continue towards the next classic stop which is La Farola de Orellana, the evolution of the old Orellana, and which has changed the offer now offering some delicious potatoes “a la mala leche” (spicy), Russian salad, stewed meats (the sandwich of “pork leg” is a really good option) and many stick products. The beer is Victoria, the beer from Malaga and that for me is always a plus.

Lo Güeno

Now we will go to the tapas bar par excellence in Malaga, Lo Güeno, where we can enjoy all those classic tapas made with love and in a traditional way. An offer of more than 50 tapas to choose from. It is a place to stand at the bar, although it has a place to sit in a more traditional restaurant plan, where its meats are very famous.

Tapas in Malaga - Drinks at Casa de Guardia

Drinks at Casa de Guardia

Antigua Casa de Guardia

And we can finish the gastronomic day with a little wine from Malaga in the oldest bar in the city: la antigua casa de Guardia. It also has a seafood offer (mussels, prawns, shells), but the prices are quite high for the quality offered.

My advice at Casa del Guardia is to drink one or two wines or vermouth, which is also very tasty. If you prefer wine, my advice is to try Pajarete, a Malaga classic.

Do not forget the classic tapas in Malaga that appear in all the guides.

The Pimpi.

Not for known or typical, you must stop being on a visit to Malaga. My advice is to eat inside, for its history, for its decoration and for its charm, but you can also enjoy his wide terrace.

Their ligeritas de pringá or sausage dishes, with a “Pimpi” wine, are an excellent option.

For lovers of Easter (Semana Santa) and classic food (patatas bravas, croquettes, chicken tears, montaditos), going to Las Merchanas should be a must. Very well priced, although now very fashionable and difficult at rush hour to find a place.

Another classic bar for tapas in Malaga is Casa Lola, with a varied and extensive menu, and which already has several locations in the center of Malaga, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Of course, due to its success and fame, it is highly recommended to book or leave the central hours (14-16hr and 21-23hr) to take a table.

And if we like something more international …

For lovers of Argentine meat, the Farolito is an excellent option, rich in flavor and well priced. Vacío, entraña, chorizo criollo, grilled chicken, provolone … and Quilmes. And the guys who run the business are lovely.

If instead you prefer the most spicy and daring food, Pachamama, it can be another interesting choice. In the same Beatas street, we find a Peruvian bar, charming and with a very delicious food. The ceviche, the stuffed potato or their desserts are a reference on my list.

The final touch: a drink in the heights.

My proposal after having a few tapas in Malaga ends up having a drink from a terrace with views of the Cathedral, for this you can go to the Chinitas Urban Hostel (Pasaje Chinitas, 3); If, on the other hand, you want to see the whole city, the terrace of the AC Málaga Palacio (Cortina del Muelle, 1), should be your choice.

There are many other interesting terraces in the city, which I will tell you about very soon in Malaga Top.

Tapas in Malaga: map of the route in the city center

Tapas in Malaga Map

Tapas in Malaga Map

Data and information of interest about tapas places in Malaga.

Cortijo de Pepe.

Address: Plaza de la Merced, 2.
Hours: Every day from 12:30 to 1:00.

La Peregrina

Address: Madre Dios, 17.
Hours: M-S. 12:30 – 16:30 and 20-24. Sun 12:30 – 16:30. Closed Monday.

Taberna Quitapenas

Address: Sánchez Pastor, 2.
Hours: Every day. 10-16 and 19:30 – 23:30.

La Farola de Orellana.

Address: Moreno Monroy, 5.
Hours: M-S 13-17 and 20: 30-24. Sunday 13-17. Closed Monday.

Mesón Lo Güeno.

Address: Marín García, 12.
Hours: Every day. 12-24.

Antigua Casa de Guardia

Address: Alameda Principal, 18.
Hours: L-S. 10-22: 00. Sundays. 10: 30-15.

Las Merchanas

Address: Mosquera.
Hours: Every day. 12-24.

El Farolito

Address: Beatas, 14.
Hours: L-S. 20-24. Sunday closed.

Alejo Tomás

Alejo Tomás

After traveling around the world alone, visiting the 21 Wonders of the World and living and working in 4 countries, in 2018 I decided to create something beautiful about Malaga, my city.

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