Having restaurants with a Michelin star gives prestige to the gastronomy of cities and Malaga has established itself as a reference in the guide. In 2022 there are 7 Malaga Michelin restaurants with at least one star in Malaga and province, although in Malaga capital we only have one restaurant with a Michelin star, but very soon there will be more, I’m sure.

Until 2019, the province of Malaga had a 3 Michelin star, but the chef Dani García renounced his 3 stars by closing that place, to start new projects such as Leña, Smoked Room, BiBo or Lobito de Mar.

To the list of restaurants with a star in Malaga, we have to add those with a mention that already appear in the guide, so they are on the right track to get the statuette in the next edits.

In Malaga capital we already have 8 restaurants included in the recommended ones (plus that of José Carlos García, which has one star), which I also talk about in this article.

This is the list of restaurants with star include in the Michelin Guide 2022 in Malaga and province.

Michelin Restaurants with 1 star in Malaga and province.

The first thing is to highlight the location of these 5 restaurants, because only one is located in the capital of Malaga (José Carlos García), another in Fuengirola ( Sollo) and three are located in Marbella (Messina, El Lago and Nintai).

José Carlos García Restaurant.

With an excellent location, in the Muelle Uno in the capital of Malaga, offers both an interior room and a charming terrace where you can enjoy the cuisine of José Carlos García’s signature dishes, based on the use of the native products of the fish market or the market

An important detail of the restaurant is that its kitchen is located in view of customers.

The tasting menu is a walk through the classic flavors of Malaga, among which the seafood proposals stand out: red mullet, sea bass or baby squid, which share the leading role over vegetables, meat or game. And as the chef likes to say with a touch of Rock & Roll.


Interior de JCG. Fuente:


Plato de José Carlos García. Fuente:

Sollo Restaurant.

Located in Fuengirola, just 25 minutes from Malaga capital, we find the Sollo restaurant, where Diego Gallegos has created a unique proposal in the province of Malaga.

In fact, Diego Gallegos is called the “Chef del Caviar”, for his work of his work of research in the recovery of the Andalusian sturgeon, obtaining its flagship product: caviar.

One of Sollo’s curiosities is that they don’t use more than three ingredients per dish.


Diego Gallegos

Their cuisine is made from products, with great care for the environment and the surrounding environment, in fact 90% of the raw materials they use come from their own resources.

In 2021 it won, in addition to its Michelin star, a MICHELIN Green Star for Gastronomy and Sustainability.

  • Address: Reserva del Higuerón Urbanization, Av. del Higuerón, 48, 29640 Fuengirola.
    • Located inside Higueron Hotel Malaga, Curio Collection by Hilton.
  • Website and reservations:
  • Price: €150

Sollo. Fuente:


We went to Marbella to find the proposal of Mauricio Giovanni, of Argentine roots, with his avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine (with Lebanese touches) with brushstrokes and Latin American references.

Highlights his work with juices and their derivatives (concentrates, creams…) now investigating natural thickeners.

The Messina Restaurant has a Michelin Star since 2016. The menu offers local products such as fish and shellfish, all local, and offers two tasting menus, but You can also order the dishes individually.

  • Address: Avenida Severo Ochoa, 12. Marbella
  • Website and reservations:
  • It has 2 menus:
    • Tasting menu: €85.
      • Covered €3.70 per person
    • Messina menu: €105.

Messina. Fuente:

El Lago.

With an extraordinary location, within the Greenlife Golf course in Marbella, the restaurant El Lago proposes an innovative cuisine, but taking great care of the product and the environment, in what is called a “Kilometer 0” restaurant.

It is a delight to enjoy their tasting menu on their summer terrace overlooking the great lake.


Restaurant El Lago

In front of the Lake is the Malaga chef Fernando Villasclaras, who offers a menu, with a specific and more informal option for lunch (Midi) and another with more power in the Lake with the Sazón tasting menu, a term that refers to the optimal point of the products in terms of perfection or maturity.

El Lago has had a Michelin star since 2005, as well as a Sun from the Repsol Guide, being the first haute cuisine restaurant in Andalusia certified Km0 by the international entity Slow Food.

  • Address: Av. Marco Polo, 29604 Marbella
  • Website and reservations:
  • It has 2 menus:
    • Short menu: €100.
    • Full menu: €115.

El Lago. Fuente:


It is the new Michelin-starred restaurant in Marbella for 2022. At the helm is the sommelier Marcos Granda, who already had a restaurant with two Michelin stars, Skina, and that after returning from a trip to Japan at the end of 2019, launched into this new project.

The place has a large sushi bar (12 seats) where we see the “itamae” (cooking in front of the table), a small room where they invite you to have the first appetizers and several private ones.

It offers an offer based on two tasting menus (Omakase and Nintai), of different lengths, which vary depending on the best product of the day.

  • Address: Ramón Gómez de la Serna 18, Marbella
  • Website and reservations:
  • It has 2 menus:
    • Omakase lunch: €95.
    • Great Nintai menu: €140.

Nintai. Fuente:

Restaurants with 2 Michelin stars in Malaga and province.

There are only 2 restaurants that have the second highest distinction in the Michelin guide. They are located in Marbella (Skina) and Ronda (Bardal).


Located between the little streets of the old town of Marbella, Marcos Granda has here the jewel in the crown: Skina, a restaurant with two Michelin stars (obtaining the second in 2020).

At the controls is chef Mario Cachinero who offers creative cuisine that seeks to evolve the traditional Andalusian recipe book and defines himself as “of harmonies and contrasts”; yes, based on an excellent treatment of all raw materials. In addition, it has an extensive wine list.


Skina. Fuente:


In the historic center of Ronda we find the Bardal restaurant, by chef Benito Gómez, Catalan by origin, but Andalusian by adoption and who has found in Bardal the perfect place to express yourself.

There are many who see it as the next three Michelin stars in the province of Malaga.

It is creative cuisine, based on products, without fanfare, with elegance and care in each dish. His proposal is based on recognizable flavors that are linked to local tradition and are presented transformed into a subtle game of contrasts and textures.

  • Address: C. José Aparicio, 1.
  • Website and reservations:
  • It has 2 menus:
    • Bardal Menu: €150.
    • Great Bardal Menu: €170.
Portada Bardal

Menú degustación en Bardal

Check out our recommendations to eat in Ronda with a full list of bars and restaurants.

Michelin Restaurants with special mention in the guide of Malaga capital.

Here we highlight the restaurants with a mention in the guide, but which have not yet achieved the desired distinction, highlighting one name above the others, Kaleja, from the famous chef Dani Carnero and that after two years of trying he still can’t get it.


A product cuisine restaurant with fires, stocks and stews. Endless aromas and a lot of spontaneity envelop an environment where you can savor our tasting menu while enjoying the work of the team in their kitchens.


Calamar en Kaleja. Fuente:


The new restaurant by chef José Carlos García. Located in the imposing Solecio palace (18th century) on Granada street, it has modern cuisine, based on traditional. A tribute to the traditional Malaga gastronomic culture with an avant-garde touch.

La Cosmopolita.

A classic of Malaga cuisine. A stew restaurant, culinary tradition, product, local and seasonal.


Callos de la Cosmopolita. Fuente:


Japanese restaurant located in the center of Malaga. Its name comes from a word that sums up its spirit and essence, in addition to the union of the two chefs, Toshio and Álvaro (TA) in the same team (KUMI).


Ta-Kumi. Fuente:


Contemporary space that stands out for its open kitchen and its striking wine cellar. The proposal is a tribute to the sea, updating the dishes without transforming the flavors.

  • Address: Alameda de Colón 5, Malaga
  • Tasting menu price: €70.
    • It can be ordered a la carte.


Mike Palmer’s Tavern.

Updated traditional cuisine, based on products and with many dishes off the menu. Excellent terrace!

Tuetano y vieras - Taberna-Mike-Palmer-Malaga

Tuétano y vieras – Taberna-Mike-Palmer-Malaga


One of my big bets on this list that I was able to try a couple of years ago. They carry out what they call Dual Cuisine: a restaurant with two chefs at the helm, Cristina and Diego.

They carry out a creative cuisine in which the product, coherence and flavor prevail.


Palodú. Fuente:

El Candado.

In the El Candado golf club facilities, it stands out for its relaxing terraces and views. Classic-traditional cuisine and they stand out for their great rice menu.


Arroz con verduras del Candado

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