Top 10 Best Burgers in Malaga

Compiling the list of the best burgers in Malaga is not an easy task, due to the number of places that have specialized in this type of food and the enormous competition between them, but I think I have achieved it, offering descriptions, details, menu and comments. from each of these restaurants.

Recently, the famous Malaga youtuber Esttik has made a hamburger route around the city and has made his list, with his comments and personal experience, so I have decided to join the best of his analysis, with other hamburger restaurants in Malaga that are not in his video, which I leave at the end of the article.

This article will be updated as we try all the hamburgers in Malaga, although we have already tried the vast majority.

To better organize the article, I have separated the best hamburger restaurants in Malaga by areas or neighbourhoods. And I would like to point out that the trend of smash burgers is already arriving in Malaga and we already have several places that either offer it as an option or have special smash burgers.

Best burgers in Malaga Center.

Some of the best burger restaurants in the city are concentrated in downtown Malaga, and the distance between them allows us to walk within a radius of 15-20 minutes.

La Calle Burger Malaga Centro.

One of the reference hamburger restaurants in Malaga, which with a franchise system already has 6 premises in Malaga capital and several in Andalusian provinces (Granada, Seville, Cadiz).

They are characterized by the use of different cuts in the hamburgers such as the vacuum, the entrails or the entrecote. They also have chicken, pork and 2 vegan options.

Their burgers are with few ingredients, where they try to make the product prevail. The bread is from Juanito Baker.



Esttik’s comments.

  • Tasted Burger: original entrails.
    • Entraña, Havarti cheese, lamb’s lettuce, onion in wine and chimichurri mayonnaise.
  • Points to improve: treatment of bread and percentage of fat in meat (juiciness).
  • Note: 6/10.

Black Label Urban Grill

Black Label has deservedly become one of the best hamburger joints in downtown Malaga since it opened in 2016.

Its special Josper touch (combination between a grill and an oven in a single machine) gives a unique touch to its meat for hamburgers, which are minced daily, kneaded by hand avoiding presses

On the menu they have almost 20 types of hamburgers (10 normal, 3 stuffed and 5 smash burgers), with a choice between black angus meat or free-range chicken. The bread is again from Juanito Baker, as in almost all.

Esttik’s comments.

  • Tasted burger: Big label
    • 90gr Double Burger, special pickle sauce, iceberg lettuce, pickle, double American cheese, bacon, chopped onion.
  • Highlights: meat, bacon and decoration of the premises.
  • Note: 7.5/10.


The best Smash burger in Malaga

In addition to this place, they have another one dedicated to smash burgers that offer delicious hamburgers. As a sample, the cheeseburger that I tried during my visit and that was spectacular.

  • Name: Smash by Black Label
  • Location: C/ Méndez Núñez, 9, 29008 Malaga

Gottam Grill Centro.

With 3 locations in Malaga, Gottam Grill has made a name for itself in the world of Malaga burgers.

However, I have to say that I have visited it on 3 occasions and it has not thrilled me on any of them.

It has an extensive hamburger menu and you can choose if you want it smash type. The bread is also from Juanito Baker.

Their place stands out for its decoration and they are famous for their great work on social networks and collaborations with influencers and youtubers.



Esttik’s comments.

  • Tasted Burger: Cheese Bacon
    • Mix of lettuce, tomato, grilled bacon, cheddar cheese and pickles.
  • Points to improve: bacon and use of bread.
  • Note: 7.5/10.

Dak Burguer Malaga

Dak Burguer has revolutionized the world of burgers in Malaga, with an ambitious proposal and novelties, such as its great food challenges.

It has two premises, one in Malaga, next to the María Zambrano train station (Vialia) and another in Cala de Mijas. And on its own merits, it has become one of the best burgers in Malaga.

It offers 10 national cow burgers, 1 pork rib, 2 chicken and 2 vegan options.



Comments from Esttik (Dak burger from Cala de Mijas).

  • Burger tested: Scarlett J.
    • 230 grams of national cow, fried onion, cheddar, sautéed onion and bacon, egg yolk and soy emulsion and chimichurri mayo.
  • Points to note: flavor of the meat.
  • Note: 8/10.

Best burgers in Malaga – Teatinos area.

Teatinos area has become a reference in terms of gourmet burgers in Malaga with 4 places on our list of the best burgers in Malaga.

One of the best things about the hamburger restaurants in Teatinos is that they all have an outdoor terrace.

Nomads Burguer Company Teatinos.

With 2 locations in Malaga capital, Nómadas is the perfect option to eat a good, nice and cheap hamburger.

They are hamburgers without great artifice, but rich in flavor and good in quantity. The meat is certified fresh Galician beef.

My favorite burger at Nómadas is the aliñá, although the dirty bastard is also very tasty.

It has 18 hamburgers on the menu, with chicken, vegetable or salmon options.

Burgers in Malaga-Nomadas-Teatinos


Tundra Fusión Burguer.

Another of the reference hamburger restaurants in Teatinos. Founded by Sergio Jimenez and Luis Bandera, both chefs by profession, trained at the prestigious La Consula catering school.

Their hamburgers are giving the city a lot to talk about, despite the fact that on my two visits they have not moved me.

It has an extensive menu with 12 meat burgers, one fish burger and two vegan options. Its artisanal brioche bread stands out.

Esttik’s comments.

  • Tasted Burger: London Bacon.
    • Artisan brioche bread, our matured beef, cheddar, cheddar and beer cream, caramelized onion, bacon and old-fashioned mustard mayonnaise.
  • Points to improve: meat, it is said matured, and it does not seem to be.
  • Note: 6.5/10.

Grillaera Burguer.

After the success of their premises in Algeciras, they have opened an office in Teatinos and it is being a complete success. The madness associated with hamburgers has reached Malaga.

We can say that it is a hamburger place with a show inside, but that does not overshadow the quality of its products, where you can eat some of the best hamburgers in Malaga.

Their menu is another crazy thing, with dozens of hamburger options, you can even make your own combination.

For a first time, it is worth going inside and seeing the show associated with each product, but for a second visit and enjoying the hamburgers, it is better on the outside terrace.



Esttik’s comments.

  • Burger tested: Grome
    • 200 g of minced beef, mixed with fresh onion, mozzarella and oregano, smoked white cheddar cheese, pickles, Gromenaüer by Campea sauce & dry tomato seed bread.
  • Highlights: very good value for money and the show inside.
  • Note: 7/10.

Nickel Burguer Malaga.

Recently opened, the Nickel Burguer concept has arrived in Malaga to find its place among the best burgers in Malaga.

It has an extensive hamburger menu, it even offers you the option of making it to your liking with 5 bread options (sesame black, brioche, rye, rustic and pretzel) and 4 types of meat (beef, chicken, veggie or 100% vegetable meat).



Best Burgers in Malaga province.

Here we highlight hamburger restaurants located in towns near the capital, although the list is so long that it is impossible to include them all and only our highlights appear.

Bendito Bocado

This hamburger restaurant is located in Alhaurín de la Torre and has earned a place in the ranking of the best hamburgers in Malaga.

It has an extensive menu, with special hamburgers, some smash burgers, and other more classic ones. You can also make your own combination and change the beef for chicken, crispy chicken, vegetable or beyond burger.

Esttik’s comments.

  • Tasted hamburger: Lo bueno no falla (normal and smash version).
    • 200g of beef, double cheddar cheese, bacon, red onion rings, Batavia lettuce, BBQ sauce and mayo.
  • Highlights: The smash burger was spectacular.
  • Note: 7.8/10.


Momag Burgers & Gin.

And we end our list of the best burgers in Malaga with Momag burgers in Fuengirola.

It has a wide list of burgers and they are big, very big, so take good care of your choice.



Esttik’s comments.

  • Tasted burger: Double cheese bacon.
  • Highlights: presentation, sauce and bread.
  • Note: 6.5/10.

The route of the best burgers in Malaga by Esttik (in Spanish)

Here you have the full video of Esttik, where you can see how the visit to the restaurants went and his detailed assessment of each one of them:

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