TOP 10 Best Beaches in Malaga Capital

With almost 14 kilometers of coastline, Malaga capital offers 15 beaches where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and its particular sand of Dark color. Know everything (access, length, services, tips) of the top 10 beaches in Malaga Capital.

All the beaches in Malaga city can be reached by public transport , so you can forget about the car and not worry about parking.

The city of Malaga has two main areas of beaches in the capital, located on both sides of the bay of Malaga , being Muelle Uno and the Port of Malaga the separators of both coasts.

The best-known beaches in the capital of Malaga are: La Malagueta, La Misericordia and El Palo, but I am going to tell you about the best beaches of Malaga so you can choose which one is the best for you to visit.

On the Málaga City Council Beaches website you can find all the information about the beaches and the updated state of the sea and its flags .

Before starting with the beaches of Malaga city, I propose two routes to see and get to know Malaga:

Playa de La Malagueta: the beach in central Malaga.

It is the best-known beach in Malaga capital, therefore the busiest, and the closest to the historic center.

It is located next to the Farola de Málaga and Pier one, with a promenade along its entire length, where we will have all the services: toilets , showers, litter bins, beach bars, walkways, lifeguards, etc.

You can get there easily walking from the center of Malaga in 15-20 minutes or by public transport from anywhere in the city.

Characteristics of Playa La Malagueta.

  • Malagueta beach length: 1,200 meters
  • Average width of Malagueta beach: 45 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves
Beaches of Malaga - Malagueta Beach

Malagueta Beach

Playa de la Misericordia: Malaga beach for families.

Located in the western part of the capital, it is in direct competition with La Malagueta at the other end of the city, due to its spaciousness and easy access.

It is a wide beach, ideal for families with children. It has all the services, in addition to having the Antonio Banderas promenade running along its two kilometers, offering a wide range of beach bars where you can enjoy Malaga’s famous fried fish.

One of the most striking things about this beach are the large chimneys that can be seen on the promenade, from the industrial development of Malaga in the 19th century

Mercy Beach owes its name to the nearby location of an asylum and hospice called Casa de la Misericordia, built at the beginning of the 20th century and in operation until 1978

On Sundays it becomes a very crowded beach, so you should go early to have a place near the sea, although its size will allow you to have a place even if it is far away.

Characteristics of Playa de la Misericordia.

  • Length of Misericordia beach: 2,000 meters
  • Average width of Misericordia beach: 30 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves

Playa del Palo: the fishermen’s beach.

Playa del Palo is located in the eastern part of the city, in the famous fishermen’s quarter of Malaga, where they go out to work every day to bring in the fish they It is enjoyed in its beach bars and bars.

It is very easy to get to Playa del Palo by public transport, you just have to take bus 11 which runs from west to east in Malaga and has several stops on the beach.

This beach is very famous in international tourism, as there are many Spanish schools located in the area. In addition, it is a quiet area, away from the historic center, but very well connected.

Characteristics of Playa del Palo

  • Length of Palo beach: 1,200 meters
  • Average width of Playa del Palo: 25 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves

Mejores-Playas-Malaga-Capital- chiringuito

Playa El Dedo or Playa El Chanquete.

Next to Playa del Palo we find Playa del Dedo or “El Chanquete”. It is a small beach, attended mainly by resident families in the area or people seeking tranquility.

There is “El Tintero”, one of the most famous beach bars in the city, due to its peculiar way of serve the fish, since it is done in auction mode, “singing” the dishes that the waiters bring.

Why is the beach called “El Dedo” (the Finger)?

The story goes that the name dates back to 1884 when King Alfonso XII visited Malaga to inquire about the damage caused by the earthquake that year.

The king was invited to try the famous Malaga sardine skewers in a beach bar known as ‘Migué er de la sardina’. When Alfonso XII was about to use a knife and fork to eat, Miguel, the owner of the beach bar, approached him and, quite naturally, corrected the monarch: “Maestá, con los deos!”.

Source: Malaga Today.

Characteristics of the Playa El Dedo

  • Length of the Finger beach: 550 meters
  • Average width of the Finger beach: 25 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves

Playa del Peñón del Cuervo

Playa Peñón del Cuervo: Malaga’s young beach.

Peñón del Cuervo beach is located in the eastern part of the city, past the El Palo area. Specifically, it is between the Candado beach and the Cement Factory beach.

Its name comes from the large rock, which divides the beach into two zones.

It stands out for having a large barbecue and picnic area, where you can enjoy a wonderful day of grilling by the sea.

It is a great beach to go during the week and relax, since at the weekend its influx increases considerably.

Characteristics of Playa Peñón del Cuervo.

  • Length of Peñón del Cuervo beach: 200 meters
  • Average width of Peñón del Cuervo beach: 30 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves


Playa de San Andrés: the accessible beach.

Another of the most famous “urban” beaches in Malaga, due to its proximity to the center. It is small, both in length and width, so it is advisable to avoid it on the weekend.

It is mainly local and resident in the area, but the growth of tourist apartments and its proximity to the María Zambrano train station has made it gain popularity among visitors to the city.

It is located next to the famous neighborhood of Huelin, where you can eat wonderfully.

Characteristics of Playa de San Andrés.

  • San Andrés beach length: 650 meters
  • Average width of San Andrés beach: 50 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves

Playa de Guadalmar: Malaga’s quiet nudist beach.

It is one of the nudist beaches of Malaga capital, although those who practice naturism coexist in equal parts and those who do not.

It is the beach that has the most complicated access by public transport, so it is less traveled than the others.

It is located next to the Guadalmar golf course and the Natural Park of the mouth of the Guadalhorce River, it has dark sand and is just over 2 kilometers long. It does not have a promenade in some areas, but it does have all the services of showers, toilets, etc.

It is one of the best beaches in the city to watch the sunset by the sea, although it has a problem: the airport is very close and the sound of the planes will be noticed.

Characteristics of Playa Guadalmar .

  • Guadalmar beach length: 2,250 meters
  • Average width of Guadalmar beach: 60 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves

Guadalmar Beach

Playa Golf Course – San Julián

Next to Guadalmar beach we find the capital’s other naturist beach. It is the westernmost beach in Malaga and the largest in the capital.

The beach of the Golf Course – San Julián has all the services, although it has a very interesting natural component and vegetation. It is the area where kite surfing is practiced in the capital.

It is located on the border with Los Álamos beach, which belongs to Torremolinos.

Characteristics of the Playa Golf Course – San Julián.

  • Length of the golf course beach – San Julián: 2,250 meters
  • Average beach width of the Golf Course – San Julián: 50 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves

Playa La Caleta: the beach for water sports.

This beach is one of the most popular in the city, due to its size and location: just after the Malagueta, right on the Pablo Picasso promenade .

It is a little over a kilometer long and is usually quite crowded due to its easy access, its large number of services, entrance for people with mobility reduced, for its sports areas, etc.

On La Caleta beach you can practice water sports: surfing, jet skiing, but also beach volleyball or other physical exercise on the machines available on the promenade.

Characteristics of Playa La Caleta.

  • Length of La Caleta beach: 1,000 meters
  • Average width of La Caleta beach: 25 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves
Aseos de la Playa de la Malagueta


Playa Pedregalejo – Las Acacias

This area is known as Pedregalejo and is located between Baños del Carmen and Playa del Palo.

It is one of the most visited beaches among young people in the city and always has a great atmosphere, both on the beach and on the promenade.

Characteristics of Playa Pedregalejo – Las Acacias

  • Length of Pedregalejo – Las Acacias beach: 550 meters
  • Average width of Pedregalejo – Las Acacias beach: 15 meters
  • Composition: medium grain sand
  • Swimming conditions: gentle waves
 Pedregalejo Beach

Pedregalejo Beach

All the beaches of Malaga capital

  • La Malagueta.
  • El Peñon del Cuervo
  • Misericordia.
  • El Palo.
  • Golf Course – San Julián
  • Guadalmar
  • Sacaba
  • San Andrés
  • La Caleta
  • Baños del Carmen
  • Pedregalejo – Las Acacias
  • El Dedo – El Chanquete
  • El candado
  • Playa de la Fábrica de Cemento
  • Playa de la Araña


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