Where to stay in Malaga. Best areas and budgets.

The hotel capacity in Malaga is constantly growing and we find a varied offer adapted to all budgets. I’ll tell you everything you need to know to find the best place (or the one that best suits your needs) to stay in Malaga and spend some fantastic days in the city.

From the classic hotels, to humbler pensions, hostels to share a room with other travelers or private apartments and houses that are rented through platforms such as Airbnb.

Obviously, as in all cities, the high season and the busiest months (December, July and August) will have higher prices, so choose well when you want to come to Malaga. To make this decision, I leave you with a complete article on the climate and the best time to travel to Malaga.

Where to stay in Malaga? Best areas.

The first thing is to know a little about the city and its territorial organization. Malaga is divided into 11 districts and more than 200 neighborhoods, so it is important to choose well where you stay in Malaga, since, as you imagine, the connection to the center, where most points of interest are located, will be essential.

Here you have all the public transport options in Malaga.


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The center of Malaga, the best option for 1-2-3 days

In my opinion, the best area to stay for a few days is the center of Malaga, which will allow us to walk to all the points of interest in the city.

The accommodations located around Calle Larios, Calle Granada, Alcazabilla and even Plaza de la Merced, are the ones that offer the best location, but perhaps they are not the cheapest. You will find several 4-star hotels, some pensions, hostels, but, above all, a wide range of flats and tourist apartments.

A good option could be the Victoria neighborhood, which allows us to walk or take public transport to the center in a few minutes.


Soho in Malaga: the new cool area.

Another good accommodation area is called SOHO in Malaga, very close to the AVE station, and with an outstanding offer in more modern hostels and boutique hotels, or the Malagueta area for beach lovers.


Hotel Barceló Malaga

Stay in Malaga in classic neighborhoods of the city and well connected.

  • Good areas to stay in Malaga in the typical neighborhoods where the middle and working class live, with all the services available at street level, are Cruz de Humilladero and Carretera de Cádiz, with excellent connections to the center of Malaga, by bus and by metro.
  • Going a little further from the center (about 20 minutes by bus) we could opt for accommodation in the Huelin or East Malaga area.

If what you want is to be close to the beach, the West area of ​​Malaga or the El Palo area (20 minutes by bus), in the East, can be two fantastic options.

If you want to treat yourself, you can stay in one of the 5-star hotels that we have in Malaga capital.

Accommodation prices in Malaga.

For having some price references, although this will depend on the time:

  • Shared rooms start at €15/person/night.
  • A double room in a pension or hostel has prices around €50.
  • Double room in a 3* is around €80-100
  • An apartment in the center for 4 people would start at €80.
  • A double room in a 4* is between €100-200 per night.
  • A double room in a 5-star hotel is between €250-1000 per night.


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