Top 10 Restaurants in Malaga to eat recommended by a local

The gastronomic offer in Malaga city does not stop growing and restaurants continue to increase their offer and level. And there is a big question: where to eat in Malaga? and I have the response.Please join me today because these are my personal recommendations of the top 10 restaurants in Malaga.

All of them based solely on my experience regardless of the classic rankings or the category of each restaurant.

We have everything from Mediterranean cuisine restaurants to fusion cuisine, as well as a meat grill, fish and shellfish restaurants or restaurants with products with 2-3 ingredients per dish.

The idea has been to select those 10 restaurants in Malaga that I would like to be recommended to me in another city to get to know it better.


La Alvaroteca

Location of my 10 restaurants in Malaga to eat.

I have decided to locate almost all of them in the center of Malaga, thinking that it is ideal for visitors or tourists. Although we have some further from the center, but with excellent communication, in metro, bus or taxi (€5-6).

On the other hand, it is also a suitable list for residents who want to cross off their list those foodie temples that cannot missing for lovers of good food in Malaga.

For this list I have selected restaurants ranging from €25 to €50 per person.



Click on the map or here to consult the map of the best restaurants in Malaga.

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After all the premises and presentations, let’s go with the top 10 restaurants in Malaga for a local:

La Cosmo, where to eat in Malaga becomes a pleasure.

This is the new proposal by chef Dani Carnero (La Cosmopolita and Kaleja) that has entered with force as a new recommendation in the Michelin guide to eat in Malaga city.

La Cosmo is a product restaurant, where flavor prevails, with few ingredients, perfectly executed.

It also has three rooms (bar, terrace and living room). After our visit, the experience of eating at the Cosmo bar is unique, seeing the preparation of the dishes, the rhythm in the kitchen, etc.





La Antxoeta, one of the best restaurants in Malaga.

If you are looking for the best restaurant in SOHO and eat market products with the highest quality, do not hesitate, “La Antxoeta” is your place. Both its menu and its daily recommendations are excellent, all from the hand of chef Pablo Caballero.

The place is very cute, but small, just 5-6 tables, so you have to book in advance.

As they say, if there is a star dish on their menu it is the Maruchi Cannelloni, a perfect mix of meat and boletus béchamel.




They are defined as heritage cuisine and the definition could not be more accurate. It combines Mediterranean cuisine with top-quality products and service in the dining room that stands out for its attention and care.

Its menu combines classic dishes from Malaga such as sausage tartare, ajoblanco or Russian salad with market products such as tuna or suckling goat.

In addition, Araboka is characterized by an extensive wine list, even on special dates they organize tastings.

  • Address: Calle de Pedro de Toledo, 4.
    • It has another location in Plaza San Juan de la Cruz, C/ Compositor Lehmberg Ruíz nº 28, local 6.
  • Website and reservations:
  • Average price: €30.




Uvedoble Taberna, the perfect restaurant in Malaga city center.

If you are looking for a perfect value for money, Uvedoble is your restaurant in the center of Málaga run by chef Willie Orellana.

Uvedoble has three rooms: bar, interior and terrace, right on Alcazabilla street.

It has an extensive menu, where classic dishes stand out, which you should try. My recommendations are: homemade Iberian ham croquettes, the truffled omelette (essential) or the Tuna belly camperito, egg, pepper and wasabi mayonnaise.




Croquetas at Uvedoble


This is a restaurant with barely 8 tables, very charming, where you will feel at home thanks to the attention of Javi, its owner.



Zury is a little gem hidden among the narrow streets of the historic center of Malaga.

Their menu is small, as I like it, but they highlight quality dishes with a lot of flavor, with fused traveling touches. Don´t forget to order the Iberian rib taco or the Iberian pork tataki and Japanese pistachio vinaigrette.

  • Address: C. Santiago, 4
  • Reservations: +34 655 36 44 46
  • Average price: €25-30.


Asador Iñaki, the most famous meat place to eat in Malaga.

If you ask someone from Malaga where the best meat is eaten, 4 out of 5 will answer the same thing: go to Iñaki. So the Asador Iñaki could not be missing from the list of restaurants in Malaga.

There may be better meat places in Málaga, but at least once you should try the so-called one of the 10 best steakhouses in Spain.

It is characterized by its wide selection of meats (aged, retinta, Zamorana beef, etc.), being 100% product cuisine. In any case, grilled octopus or pickled tuna can never be missing from a visit.

And for those looking for a unique experience, you can book their VIP room, with capacity for up to 22 people.





The Alvaroteca, not like other restaurants in Malaga.

The chef Álvaro Ávila has managed to make a hidden place, off the classic route in the center, have all the renown it deserves, achieving a Repsol sole.

You have to visit the Alvaroteca if you want to have a complete experience of Malaga gastronomy.

It is quite an experience to go to the Alvaroteca, because no day is the same as another. Its menu evolves according to the market of the day. However, despite having some fixed dishes on the menu, the ideal thing is to let yourself be recommended and be surprised.


La Alvaroteca


La Alvaroteca

Los Mellizos.

As with the Iñaki steakhouse for meat, in the case of fish and shellfish, the reference in Malaga center is the Twins.

Los Mellizos is a group with more than 40 years of experience that has 7 restaurants in Málaga and province, but that maintains quality in all of them.

Its fish and seafood stands out for its quality and freshness, so if what you are looking for is to eat a good “fried fish” in the center of Malaga you will have to go to the Twins.

The menu is extensive and the choice to eat fish and shellfish is usually very personal, but my recommendations would be the fried calamari, the rosada or the anchovies with lemon.





Montana, the most beautiful restaurant in Malaga.

Located in the Victoria neighborhood, a 15-minute walk from the center. Montana is located in a small palace from the s. XIX, being the most beautiful restaurant in Malaga on our list.

Another option is to visit its spectacular interior patio to enjoy any of its cocktails in a more relaxed and original atmosphere.



Montana offers a menu focused on traditional Andalusian cuisine, with a careful presentation. Here regional produce is the main protagonist, with dishes such as goat from Malaga, which is delicious.

In addition, it stands out for its wide range of wines, with its own winery where its Vega de Bolsas wines stand out.





Cávala, eat in Malaga with a Sol Repsol.

Located in SOHO, Cávala is a contemporary space that stands out for its exposed kitchen. The chef in charge is Juanjo Carmona, who gives a personal touch to a cuisine made from produce, with touches of creativity.

Cávala’s proposal is a true homage to the sea, updating the dishes without transforming the flavours.

Likewise, its extensive winery stands out, which has an extensive wine list, of different categories for all tastes.

Cávala has deservedly won a Repsol Sol and is one of the most outstanding restaurants in all of Málaga.

  • Address: Alameda de Colón 5.
  • Phone: 628 02 13 63
  • Average price: €40
    • It has a tasting menu for €70.




And if these 10 restaurants in Malaga where eating very well have not been enough for you and you are looking for something more and raise the level. Here are even more recommendations:

Alejo Tomás

Alejo Tomás

After traveling around the world alone, visiting the 21 Wonders of the World and living and working in 4 countries, in 2018 I decided to create something beautiful about Malaga, my city.

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