Looking at the cities from above gives us another point of view and Malaga was not going to be less. Here are the best rooftop bars in Malaga centro with views, in some cases to the city center, in others to the sea, to the Cathedral of Malaga or panoramic view of 360º to enjoy Malaga in all its splendor.

The historic center of Malaga has become the favorite place for rooftop bars and terraces with views of Malaga, but we will also find very interesting terraces in Malaga’s Soho.

A few years ago, having a drink with a view in Malaga was almost impossible, as was staying in a 5-star hotel in Malaga Capital, but times have changed and the increase in tourism in the city has caused this wave of new terraces with views in Malaga. All of them are located on the top floor or rooftop of hotels or hostels.

Of course, it is important to know that having a drink (or a soft drink, tea or coffee) in these places has an additional cost due to the privileged location of the terraces in Malaga, so let’s think of a disbursement of 20-25% above what that would be a drink in Malaga center.

Rooftop bars in Malaga Center with views.

We begin our tour, which does not follow any specific order, by the newest of all, the terrace of the new hotel Only You Hotel Malaga , a 5-star hotel located in the Equitativa building.

1.- Lolita Sky View. Rootop bar of the Only You Malaga

It is located on the top floor (8th) of the Only You Malaga hotel and offers privileged views of the bay of Malaga, calle Larios, la Alcazaba or Muelle Uno.

Due to its strategic location, both in the historic center of Malaga and in the hotel where it is located, its prices are high (a coffee or soft drink, €4), but it is something to do once and treat yourself.

The Lolita Sky View rooftop bar and restaurant is perfect to enjoy the sunsets of Malaga.



Lolita Sky View. Foto de Only You Hotels

2.- La Alcazaba Rooftop bar.

Located on the last floor of the Alcazaba Premium Hostel, also known as Like Batik, it is one of the most famous and spectacular rooftops in Malaga. It is perfect for a first time in the city or to bring family and friends to have great views of the historic part of Malaga.

Its location is strategic, a few meters from emblematic sites such as El Pimpi or the Picasso Museum and has privileged views of the Alcazaba, the Roman Theater or the upper part of the Gibralfaro Castle. The prices of the La Alcazaba Terrace are in the average of the terraces with views of Malaga, with drinks at €7-8-9 and a beer or soft drink at €3.

An advantage of this terrace over others is its two spaces, so you will have different views depending on where you sit.


  • Address: C/ Alcazabilla, 12, 5°, 29015 Málaga
  • La Terraza La Alcazaba opening hours: Mon – Sun. 15:00h-02:00h
    • Thursday, Friday and Saturday it closes at 3:00 am.
  • Web of the Alcazaba Chill-Out Terrace

3.- Chinitas Málaga Urban Hostel. One of the best rooftop bars in Malaga.

One of my favorite places in Malaga, for its location, for its views, for its 2 levels and for having a coquettish and cozy point that I like it a lot.

It is located on the top floor of the Chinitas Urban Hostel, on a site mythical in the city such as Pasaje Chinitas and next to Café Central (by the way, do you know ask for a coffee in Malaga?).

As I was saying, its decoration is very careful and its plants allow you to choose different environments and, in addition, during the week it has little influx so it becomes a choice perfect for my walks through the center of Malaga.

Their prices are in the average of the terraces of Malaga, with mixed drinks and cocktails around €8.



Vistas desde la Terraza Chinitas

4.- Rooftop bar of the Malaga Palacio AC Hotel by Marriott.

One of the most exclusive rooftops in the entire city and perhaps the most famous and crowded. It is located in the hotel Málaga Palacio, 50 meters from the Cathedral of Malaga and was one of the first to join the trend of terraces with views in Malaga.

Its views are among the best of all, with a 360º view of the city, contemplating the Cathedral a few meters away, Muelle Uno or the Alcazaba.

This terrace has a problem, the capacity, which is very limited, so they have implemented an entrance ticket (€8) that we can consume upstairs.

If you want to visit it, plan your visit well (and avoid rush hours), otherwise you will have to queue and wait a long time to access the terrace of the Málaga Palacio, especially on weekends.


  • Address: Cortina del Muelle, 1, Málaga 29015 Spain
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun. 17:00 – 02:00.

Vistas de la Catedral desde el Málaga Palacio

5.- San Juan rooftop bar.

“La Terraza de San Juan” is the most popular rooftop bar in Malaga centro for young people  and it has become, due to its location, views and spaciousness, one of the most visited in on weekends.

Located next to the church of San Juan, on the top floor of the Hotel Malaga Premium, has implemented a capacity control on the ground floor, so you will feel comfortable as soon as you arrive (despite the possible wait).

The prices on the terrace of San Juan are average, around €7-8 for a mixed drink or cocktail.


  • Address: C. San Juan, 11, 29005 Málaga
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun. 15:00 – 01:00.
    • Thursday closes at 2:00 am and Friday-Saturday at 3:00 am.

6.- The Top Terrace of the Hotel Molina Lario.

This rooftop bar is in front of the terrace of the Málaga Palacio, in fact it can be seen from it. It is located on the roof of the Hotel Molina Lario and thanks to its two panoramic terraces, it has become one of the essential terraces in Malaga.

A great advantage of The Top is that it allows you to reserve a table directly from your website, although only in high season (June-September).

Like the previous terraces, it has a menu of cocktails, wines, soft drinks and spirits with which to enjoy the views of Malaga.


  • Address: C. Molina Lario, 20, 29015 Málaga
  • The Top Terrace Opening Hours:
    • Mon – Wed. 13:30 – 00:00.
    • Thursday-Sunday 13:30 – 01:00.
    • Open every day of the year.

7.- Terrace of Larios. One of the most popular rooftop bars in Malaga centro.

We are now going to the heart of the city, between Plaza de la Constitución and Calle Larios, we find the Terraza de Larios, it is one of the best known in Malaga.

It is located on the top floor of the Hotel Room Mate Larios Málaga and offers fantastic views of the Cathedral of Malaga, other rooftops in the center history of the city and the castle of Gibralfaro.


  • Address: Pl. de la Constitución, 1, 29015 Málaga
  • Terrace de Larios opening hours:
    • Sunday to Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
    • Thursday to Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m.
  • The Larios terrace website.

8.- Nómadas centro.

Getting out of the triangle, calle Larios, Catedral and Alcazaba, we find a terrace with views of the church of San Felipe Neri and that offers us an ideal place to relax, have a drink with views of Malaga and chat.

The Nómadas Terrace is perfect if you have already visited any of the previous rootop bar in Malaga and want to find a more intimate and local space.


  • Address: C. Guerrero, 3, 29012 Málaga
  • Terraza Nómadas Centro Opening Hours:
    • Tuesday to Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
    • Monday closed.

Vistas desde la Terraza Alcazaba Málaga

And if you still don’t have enough with this list of the best rooftop bars in Malaga Centro with views, I offer you two more terraces, but located in Soho , an area of ​​natural expansion in the center of Malaga and where, in addition to urban art and its restaurants, you can have a drink on some exclusive terraces.



Rooftop bars in Soho Malaga

9.- Valeria.

One of the most exclusive and fashionable rooftop bar in Malaga. It offers spectacular views of the entire bay of Malaga, including Pier One and the Farola.

It is located on the roof of the Hotel Room Mate Valeria and is relatively small (it has an exclusive area for guests), so you have to plan to find a good spot and enjoy a good drink with views on the Valeria terrace.


  • Address: Plaza Poeta Alfonso Canales, 5, 29001 Málaga
  • Location: top floor of the Hotel Room Mate Valeria.

10.- Terrace of the Hotel Soho Boutique Bahía Málaga.

For me one of the terraces with the best views of Malaga, however, it does not have the fame or the affluence of the previous ones, so if If you are looking for a hidden gem, this terrace is yours. It opens from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., so don’t miss your chance.


  • Address: C. Somera, 8, 29001 Málaga
  • Location: top floor of the Hotel Soho Boutique Málaga.
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After traveling around the world alone, visiting the 21 Wonders of the World and living and working in 4 countries, in 2018 I decided to create something beautiful about Malaga, my city.

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