Cercanias Train Malaga: map, schedule, stops and prices

The Cercanias Train Malaga network has of two lines (C1 and C2) that start from the common section formed by the urban stations of Málaga capital: Centro-Alameda, Malaga-María Zambrano and Victoria Kent. Here you cand find the timetable of the suburban train in Malaga (Cercanias Malaga), the most important stations on the route and its main lines.

The Cercanias Malaga network has 70 km of railways, two lines and 24 stations in service.

The Cercanias Malaga service has become a key transport in the province of Málaga, allowing the connection through line C1 with the Costa del Sol: Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola with Málaga capital. If you want to get to Marbella, you can check how to get to Marbella from Malaga.

In the Malaga Cercanias timetable section you can find the Fuengirola-Málaga train timetable in 2021, as well as the commuter route between Málaga and Benalmádena. The C2 Malaga suburban line allows the connection between the inland towns (Pizarra and Álora) with Malaga capital.

The Cercanias Malaga is the best way to get from the airport to Malaga capital or to nearby towns.

Cercanias Train Malaga – Lines and Stops

Here you have information about the main stops of Cercanias Malaga:
  • The closest station to Malaga city center is “Malaga – Alameda” (zone 0). Perfect for the historic center, SOHO area and the port of Malaga (Muelle Uno).
  • The most important station and the interurban interchange is “Malaga María Zambrano”. Here you can take the medium-long distance trains, the AVE (high speed train) and access the Malaga Metro.
  • The Victoria Kent station, in the Huelín-Carretera de Cádiz area, allows us to be at the airport or in the city center in just 10 minutes.
  • The airport station allows us to reach the city center in 20 minutes.
Services and connections of the Cercanias Malaga Capital stations

Services and connections of the Malaga Capital stations

The most common destinations on the Costa del Sol are:
  • Torremolinos: La Colina, Los Alamos, Montemar-Alto, El Pinillo and Torremolinos stops.
  • Benalmádena: Torremuelle and Benalmádena-Arroyo de la Miel stops.
  • Fuengirola: Carvajal, Torreblanca and Fuengirola stops Malaga Maria Zambrano Station
Here you have all the information about public transport in Malaga: urban buses, metro and taxi.

Line C1 Cercanias Malaga Fuengirola: Malaga – Airport –Benalmadena – Fuengirola

It is a line of about 31 kilometers along the western Costa del Sol linking the cities of Malaga and Fuengirola along 18 stations.
The train from Malaga to Fuengirola is the same train that takes you to Benalmadena.
  • The frequency of trains is usually 20 minutes.
  • The duration of the entire journey is 46 minutes.
Stops: Fuengirola, Torreblanca, Carvajal, Torremuelle, Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel, El Pinillo, Montemar-Alto, Torremolinos, La Colina, Los Alamos, Plaza Mayor, Airport, Guadalhorce, Victoria Kent (Correspondence Line C-2), Malaga María Zambrano (Correspondence with High Speed ​​and Medium Distance trains and Line C-2), Málaga Centro-Alameda (Correspondence Line C-2).
Unfortunately, it is not possible to go to Marbella by Cercanías from Malaga.

Line C2: Malaga Centro-Alameda – Alora

It is a 38-kilometer line that connects Malaga and Álora, with stops in Cártama and Pizarra.
Stops: Málaga Centro-Alameda, Málaga María Zambrano (Correspondence with High Speed ​​and Medium Distance trains and Line C-1), Victoria Kent (Correspondence with Line C-1), Los Prados, Campanillas, Cártama, Aljaima, Pizarra, Álora .

Malaga Train Map

Here you have the Malaga Train Map – Cercanias Malaga Map

Malaga Train Map

Prices Cercanias Train Malaga

To calculate the price of your trip in Cercanias Malaga you will have to check the area where your final station is located and choose that area.
For example, a route from Málaga Alameda (zone 0) to Fuengirola (zone 4) would correspond to zone 4 with a price of € 2.70
Cercanias Malaga single ticket (valid for 2 hours).
  • Zones 1-2: € 1.80.
  • Area 3: € 2.05.
  • Zone 4: € 2.70.
  • Area 5: € 3.60.
It is recommended to bring a card and cash for the vending machines, because sometimes not all payment methods work and there are fewer and fewer people at the ticket offices.
A new contactless payment system is now available using your bank card or your mobile. All you have to do is bring them closer to the reading point of the turnstile at your travel start station and at the end station.
Roundtrip ticket from Cercanias Malaga (valid for 2 hours).
  • Zones 1-2: € 3.60.
  • Area 3: € 4.10.
  • Zone 4: € 5.40.
  • Area 5: € 7.20.
It is recommended to bring a card and cash for the vending machines, because sometimes not all payment methods work and there are fewer and fewer people at the ticket offices.

In addition, there are monthly passes on which you can find all the information on the Renfe Cercanías Málaga page.

Cercanias Malaga Timetable and Hours

For updated timetables of the Málaga cercanias trains, the best option is to check the Renfe Cercanías Málaga website, but here we leave you the most common ones.

Line C1 Train Timetable Malaga – Benalmadena – Fuengirola.

Train timetable Malaga-Fuengirola from Malaga-Alameda station (zone 0)

  • First train from the Malaga to Fuengirola: 5:20 hours
  • Last train from the Malaga to Fuengirola: 11:30 p.m.
  • The duration of the entire journey is 46 minutes.

For more information and time sections, consult the Renfe Cercanías website.


Cercanias Malaga Fuengirola Timetable

Train timetable Fuengirola-Malaga from Fuengirola station (zone 4)

  • First train from Fuengirola to Málaga Alameda: 6:10 am
  • Last train from Fuengirola to Malaga Alameda: 00:20 hours

Line C2 Timetable Malaga Alora Cercanías

Malaga-Alameda Station (zone 0)

  • First train from the center of Malaga to Álora: 6:03 am
  • Last train from the center of Malaga to Álora: 9:40 p.m.

Álora Station (zone 4)

  • First train from Álora to Málaga Alameda: 6:45 am
  • Last train from Álora to Málaga Alameda: 10:45 p.m.

Bicycles and Pets in Cercanias Train Malaga.

Bicycles in the Cercanias Train Malaga.

You can travel with your bicycle for free on the Malaga Cercanias trains, with the following conditions:

  • You can travel with a bicycle at most per person.
  • The bicycle must be placed in the spaces designated for it.
  • If there is no signposted area on the train, place it on the access platform, without invading corridors or non-folding seating areas.
  • If the occupancy of the train is high and it is not possible for you to travel with your bicycle, you can choose to travel on another train or to refund the amount of your ticket.
  • Your bike is your responsibility. Take care of their getting on, safekeeping and getting off the train to avoid possible damage or loss.
  • If you prefer, you can also leave your bike in any of the car parks set up in stations for it.

Pets in the Renfe Cercanias Malaga.

You can travel with your pet for free on the Málaga Cercanías trains, with the following conditions

  • Pets (dogs, cats and birds) are allowed with no weight limit and on a leash
  • They travel for free with you and do not need a ticket
  • They do not need to travel in their cage or carrier
  • Dogs must travel with a muzzle
  • You can travel with a maximum pet per person
  • Your pet is a member of your family. Respect the rules to avoid inconvenience, damage or damage and enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.

Guide and assistance dogs travel without weight or transport limitations.

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