Malaga Film Festival 2023: agenda, schedule and tickets.

The Malaga Film Festival 2023, which reaches its 26th edition, will be held from Friday, March 10th to Sunday, March 19th of 2023.

The Malaga Festival was born in 1998 and favors the diffusion and promotion of Spanish cinematography. It has become a national and international benchmark and has contributed to the development of Malaga as an open and cultural city.

The Malaga Film Festival is considered one of the most important events on the Spanish and Ibero-American film calendar.

When is the Malaga Film Festival?

The Malaga Film Festival 2023 is held from Friday, March 10th to Sunday, March 19th, 2023.

During this time, Spanish films are shown, both feature films and short films. And awards are given in various categories, including Best Film (Biznaga de Oro), Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress, among others.

In addition to film screenings, the festival also includes conferences, round tables and workshops on topics related to cinema and the film industry.

There is also a section dedicated to films for children and young people, an excellent opportunity to enjoy a family experience. There is also another section for documentary films.

Poster for the Malaga Film Festival 2023.

The Málaga Film Festival 2023 Poster has the title: Glance of emotions and is the work of the illustrator and graphic designer from Málaga, Adán Miranda.

As for the work, Mirada de emociones, image of the 26th Malaga Festival, its author has tried to directly show that emotion. For this, he uses a great central look that has a spark of life in itself  some sinuous lines that evoke the bristling of the skin and the swaying of the waves of our sea.



Where is the Malaga Film Festival 2023?

The Malaga Film Festival has its main venue in the Cervantes Theatre, although they are held in other important cultural venues in the city such as:

  • Albéniz Cinema.
  • Echegaray Theater
  • Soho Caixabank Theatre.
  • Málaga Picasso Museum Auditorium.
  • Carmen Thyssen Museum Málaga.
  • Mª Victoria Atencia Cultural Center.
  • UMA Chancellor’s Office.


Where to see the red carpet of the Malaga Festival?

The red carpet of the Malaga Film Festival takes place before each film screening. It’s an opportunity to take pictures with your movie idols.

This is a parade of glamor and elegance in which the most important actors, actresses, directors and personalities of the Spanish and Latin American film industry, They parade wearing their best outfits.

During the red carpet you can see some of the most exclusive designs of Spanish fashion, with haute couture dresses and elegant suits. In addition, it is It is common for event sponsors to make promotions and distribute gifts to guests.



This information will be useful to you during the Malaga Film Festival:

To move between the different points it is recommended to do it on foot, so try to get to the center by public transport (metro or bus) and if you come by car you will have to be patient to find a space or Consult our article on parking in the center of Malaga.

Malaga Film Festival 2023 Program.

Major titles of our cinema have screened at the Malaga Festival, such as ‘Summer 1993’, winner of the Biznaga de Oro. The first film by < strong>Carla Simón before the work with which she won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale.

It also happened at the time ‘Stockholm’ , the film with which Rodrigo Sorogoyen became known.

The official programming of the Malaga Film Festival 2023 is pending confirmation.

Which films are going to the official section of the Malaga Festival 2023?

The Official Section of the Malaga Festival will have 20 films in competition (12 Spanish and 8 Latin American) and another 2 films, out of competition, at the opening and closing.

To these must be added 17 films (11 Spanish and 6 Latin) in the non-competitive Official section under the name of Málaga Premiere.

For this 2023, these are the 20 films that will compete in the official section of the Malaga Festival to win the Biznaga de Oro.

Here you have some of them:

20.000 especies de abejas (‘20,000 species of bees’) by Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren.

In the story we meet eight-year-old Cocó, who doesn’t fit the expectations of others and doesn’t understand why. Everyone around him insists on calling him Aitor, but he does not recognize himself in that name.

20.000 especies de abejas-Poster-Malaga-Film-Festival-2023

20.000 especies de abejas

‘Bajo terapia’ (‘Under therapy’) by Gerardo Herrero.

Three couples attend an unusual group therapy session. The psychologist has left them some envelopes with slogans that the couples will have to address and analyze together.



‘El castigo’ (‘The Punishment’) by Matías Bize.

Ana and Mateo look for her son after leaving him alone for a few minutes as a punishment for misbehaving. This desperate search is set in a forest and a road and takes place in real time.

El castigo-Poster-Malaga-Film-Festival-2023

El castigo

‘Empieza el baile’ (‘The Dance Begins’) by Marina Seresesky.

Carlos lives in Madrid, enjoying the second chance life has given him. Margarita lives in Buenos Aires immersed in poverty and oblivion, but with that sarcastic and scoundrel humor that she has always characterized. Together with her inseparable friend Pichuquito, the couple begins a journey in search of answers.

Empieza el baile-Poster-Malaga-Film-Festival-2023

Empieza el baile

‘Una vida no tan simple’ (‘A not so simple life’) by Félix Viscarret

A story about reconciling work and family, embodied in the character of Isaías. A promising architect who now spends his days between his architecture studio and the park outside the school, where his children play.

Una vida no tan simple@DavidHerranz

Una vida no tan simple @DavidHerranz

Schedules of the Malaga Film Festival 2023.

Information about the rooms and acronyms used in the schedules and programming:

  • TC Teatro Cervantes
  • TE Teatro Echegaray
  • ALB Cine Albéniz
  • AMP Auditorio Museo Picasso Málaga
  • MVA Centro Cultural Provincial María Victoria Atencia
  • UMA Rectorado de la UMA
  • SH Teatro del Soho Caixabank

Film schedules of the official section of the Malaga Festival 2023.

Official section Malaga Film Festival 2023

Schedule of the unofficial section (Málaga Premiere) of the Malaga Festival 2023.



Malaga Festival Tickets 2023.

Tickets, including the opening and closing galas, go on sale simultaneously on Thursday, February 23rd at 9:00 a.m. at the box office and online

  • The exception is the closing concert that goes on sale on Friday 24 at 11:00 on all channels.
  • The Closing Concert of the Malaga Festival will be given by “Amaral” on Sunday, March 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the Teatro Cervantes.

Where to buy tickets for the Malaga Film Festival 2023?

  • It can be purchased through the Festival website, and at
  • At the box office, they will be on sale at Teatro Cervantes, Teatro Echegaray and Cine Albéniz.

More information on the website of the Malaga Festival.

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