Top 5 Best Flamenco Shows in Malaga

Flamenco in Malaga is about the cantes of Malaga, those flamenco styles or styles that originate from Málaga and its province. In Malaga they are combined with the classic styles of Flamenco such as fandangos, alegrías, bulerías or soleá. And to find them all, there is nothing better than visiting some of the best flamenco shows and places in Malaga. 

Unfortunately, the offer of flamenco tablaos in Malaga city is limited; however, the few places that exist have a lot of quality and charm.

Brief history of Flamenco in Malaga.

The singing cafes of the 19th century can be considered as the prelude to the current flamenco tablaos in Malaga. Here they offered singing, dancing and flamenco recitals, highlighting the Café de Chinitas.

The Café de Chinitas, founded in 1857 and open today, was one of the most famous for the personalities that visited it and the artists that performed such as La Parrala, Antonio Chacón , Manuel Torre, Niña de los Peines, Manuel Vallejo, LaTrini, Fernando de Triana, El Pena, El Cojo de Málaga, etc.

Old Cafe Chinitas Malaga

You can learn more about the cafés cantantes in the history of the cafés in Malaga.

As for relevant names, one name stands out above all: Juan Breva (1844 – 1918), the most important flamenco singer in Málaga, who created his own style of flamenco and who gives his name to the most notable flamenco club in the city.

The nickname of Juan Breva was inherited from his paternal grandfather, who sold fruit and figs while singing.



In 2010 Flamenco was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Top 5 Flamenco Shows in Malaga

I’ll tell you everything you need to know to choose the best flamenco tablao in Malaga that suits your requirements. You can choose by time, duration, style , atmosphere, combine it with dinners or not. It is important to indicate that all these flamenco tablaos are in downtown Malaga.

Here are all the details of the top 5 Flamenco shows (places and venues) in Malaga.

Kelipé Centro de Arte Flamenco, the most intimate show in Malaga.

Located in the heart of downtown Málaga, the Kelipé Flamenco Art Center is a tablao for those seeking a more intimate and authentic show, without fanfare or fanfare.

Kelipé is, without a doubt, one of the best flamenco tablaos in Malaga.

In addition, it works as a school to teach flamenco from its culture, with care in the rhythm, technique or choreography.

As they say on their website: Kelipé is the symbol of Flamenco in Malaga making a difference.

Susana “La Yedra” is the Dancer/Singer and the one who started this adventure by creating a meeting place for the most demanding fans of this art. She is accompanied by Azukita on guitar and Antonio “El Taranto”, as singer.

  • Espectáculo de flamenco: Jueves, Viernes, Sábado y Domingo. 20:00 a 21:30.
    • Apertura de puertas a las 19:30h.
    • Capacidad: 70 personas.
  • Precios del espectáculo en Kelipé Flamenco:
    • Adulto (+18 años): 30€ y una bebida.
    • 12-18 años / Estudiantes: 20€ y una bebida
    • Infantil (<11 años): 10€.
  • Web de Kelipé Centro de Arte Flamenco en Málaga
  • Instagram:
  • Dirección: C/ Muro de Puerta Nueva 10. 29005 Málaga.

Kelipe-Tablao-Flamenco-Show-en-Malaga ((Fuente @kelipe_oficial)

Tablao Flamenco Alegría the most famous flamenco show in Malaga.

The Tablao Flamenco Alegría perfectly combines traditional flamenco and Mediterranean cuisine.

It is located just 10 minutes from the city center, on Vélez Málaga street, next to Malagueta beach and Muelle Uno.

The objective of the Tablao Flamenco Alegría is “to recover the tradition of the golden years of Malaga, when the city was an important cultural center and flamenco stars were very popular .


Tablao-Flamenco-Alegria-Malaga-Shows (Fuente @tablaoflamencoalegria)

Their show is different every week, with a flamenco program that you can check on their website and you can book directly here.

  • Flamenco show: every day at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm.
    • Optional dinner on the terrace or dining room: 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
    • From April 1, show at 10:30 p.m. (dinner at 8:45 p.m.).
  • Prices for the show in Flamenco Alegría:
    • Adult (+13 years): €25
    • Children (7-12 years): €15.
    • Children (0-6 years): Free.
  • Flamenco Alegría website.
  • Instagram:
  • Address: C/ Vélez Málaga, 6. Málaga.

Tablao-Flamenco-Alegria-Malaga-Show (Fuente @tablaoflamencoalegria)

El Gallo Ronco Flamenco, the flamenco show and tablao for everyone.

A few steps from the Plaza de la Constitución and Kelipé we find the premises of Gallo Ronco, with a bar, restaurant and now a flamenco tablao with “El Gallo Ronco Flamenco”.</ p>

Its objective is to help spread flamenco, as an art and tradition, in a conscious and immersive way, with alternative experiences to the show.</p >

The tablao del Gallo Ronco stands out for its vaulted ceilings and decoration.


Tablao-Flamenco-Gallo-Ronco-Malaga (Fuente @elgalloroncoflamenco)

Just like the Tablao Flamenco Alegría, at the Gallo Ronco we can combine a flamenco show and gastronomy.

  • Flamenco show (60 min): Wednesday to Saturday. 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • Prices for the show at Gallo Ronco Flamenco:
    • Basic ticket: 25, includes drink + appetizer.
    • Premium entry: €36, includes drink + assortment of Iberian products
    • Child: €14, includes drink + appetizer.
  • Official website of Gallo Ronco Flamenco.
  • Instagram:
  • Address: Calle Arquitecto Blanco Soler, number 3, 29005 Málaga
    • Plaza de las flores.


Flamenco Art Museum / Peña Juan Breva, the most authentic flamenco show in Malaga city centre.

Founded in 1958, it is one of the oldest flamenco clubs in Spain, bearing the name of Juan Breva, who we talked about in the history of flamenco in Malaga.

La Peña Juan Breva functions as a club, museum and flamenco tablao at the same time.

The Peña Juan Breva Museum of Flamenco Art displays more than 5,000 pieces, including a collection of more than 2,500 records, one of the most important in Spain with some specimens from the 19th century. You can also see more than 20 guitars, some dating back more than two centuries.

Renowned artists and aficionados gather at the Juan Breva rock on Tuesdays for study sessions and on Fridays, after partner meetings, flamenco comes to life with singing, playing and dancing in an entire flamenco institution in Spain.



La Peña Juan Breva is the most authentic and peculiar flamenco tablao in central Malaga, with approximate hours and an agenda that should be consulted on its website and networks social.

  • Flamenco show (1h): Friday. 21:30-22:30 hours.
  • Price of the flamenco show in Juan Breva: €20
  • Peña Juan Breva website
  • Address: C. Ramón Franquelo, 4, 29008 Málaga
  • Information: 952 221 380.

Tablao Los Amayas.

La Familia Amaya, originarios del Sacromonte Granadino se trasladó en 2016 a la capital de la Costa del Sol, ofreciendo a los malagueños y a los visitantes un verdadero espectáculo flamenco.

Por el Tablao Los Amayas han pasado artistas de reconocido prestigio como: La Farruca, La Lupi, Gema Moneo, Adrián Santana, Paloma Fantova, Alfredo Tejada, Carrete de Málaga, Adela Campallo, Simón Román, Juan de Juan, Pol Vaquero, Virgina Gamez y un largo etc.



Tablao Los Amayas is temporarily closed, but its reopening is expected, so I leave your information in case it is of interest.

  • Price: €25 with drink.
  • Tablao Los Amayas website
  • Address: C. Beatas, 21, 29008 Málaga
  • Telephone service 686936804
    • Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Extra: Taberna Flamenca Amargo, the flamenco bar in Malaga.

If what you are looking for is a drink bar where you can enjoy flamenco in the center of Malaga, Taberna Flamanco Amargo is your place.


Taberna-Flamenca-Amargo-Malaga (Fuente @tabernaamargo)

Map of the best flamenco shows in Malaga.

Here you have all the flamenco venues and tablaos in Malaga on the map.



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