White Night in Malaga 2022: Program and guide

On 8th October, 2022, the white night returns to Malaga and does so in style with an extensive program of events and activities. Here you can find everything you need to know about the White Night in Malaga 2022 with the complete program in pdf and a complete guide full of data and with all the information.

History of the white night in Malaga.

The city of Malaga has celebrated 12 editions of the white night, a cultural proposal characterized by participation. It began in 2008 following in the footsteps of large European cities such as Paris, Madrid, Riga, Rome and Brussels. Malaga has been the only Spanish capital that has continued with this initiative annually.

Each year it has been adding participants and there have been editions in which the White Night has had more than 200 proposals concentrated in a few hours. Throughout the 12 previous editions, nearly 2,000 activities have been held.

In the last edition of the White Night of Malaga, 187 different activities were counted in 90 spaces distributed throughout the city.

When is the White Night in Malaga 2022?

  • The date chosen for the return of the Noche en Blanco in Malaga is October 8th, 2022.
    The schedule for this edition will be from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
    Most activities are free during the white night, although many of them require prior reservation.

The white night is usually celebrated in May, but this year it will be held in October, with the aim of returning to its usual date next year.


Where is the White Night held in Malaga 2022?

The blank night of Malaga happens, literally, throughout the city, from the main tourist points: Plaza de la Merced, Calle Larios, Muelle Uno, Plaza de la Marina to the museums or emblematic cultural sites, such as the Ateneo, the MUPAM or the famous Picasso Museum or Center Pompidou.

Museums participating in the Noche en Blanco Málaga 2022.

  • CAC Malaga and CAC Malaga La Coracha
  • Unicaja Foundation Cultural Center of Malaga
  • Picasso Birthplace Museum
  • Malaga Aeronautical Museum
  • Collection of the Russian Museum Saint Petersburg / Malaga
  • Carmen Thyssen Museum Malaga
  • MIMMA: Interactive Museum of Music Malaga
  • Malaga Museum
  • MUPAM: Municipal Heritage Museum.
  • Picasso Museum Malaga
  • Revello de Toro Museum
  • Center Pompidou Malaga
  • Unicaja Museum of Arts and Popular Customs
  • Wine Museum-Malaga
  • Museum Jorge Rando

Theme of the White Night in Malaga 2022.

The theme of the Noche en Blanco Málaga 2022 is “The four elements: fire, air, earth and water” and the designer of the image is Xavi Rubiras.

The curiosity lies in the fact that the theme was chosen in January 2020 by popular vote, but it has not been until now that the final design has been shown.

In the words of Rubiras, it is clear and evident that water is water, fire is fire, earth is earth and air is air, without further explanation, without double readings. Four elements enclosed in a circle that, also in a clear and evident way, make a direct allusion to our planet.



Four elements

Each edition of La Noche en Blanco has had a common thread, thus the first year, in 2008 it was La Cultura Flows, in 2009, La Luz and in the 2010 edition it was dedicated to Water.

In 2011, the motto was Transparency; in 2012, The smile; Ecology, nature and sustainability was the theme selected for 2013; The stories, in 2014; and The Sea, in 2015.

Arriving in 2016, La Noche en Blanco took the leap to become even more participatory. It was the first time that the theme was chosen by popular vote and it was dedicated to The Stars. In 2017, the theme chosen was Dreams; in 2018, Muses and creators; and in, 2019, Around the world in one night.

Program of the White Night in Malaga 2022.

Here, at Malaga Top, we indicate the most important categories and activities of the white night of Malaga 2022 with its main events.

We have 7 categories in the Noche en Blanco Málaga 2022:

  • Street art.
  • Art, museums and exhibitions.
  • The white night for kids.
  • Music and dance.
  • Audiovisual arts.
  • Performing arts
  • Extraordinary visits and activities.

Full guide of the White Night Malaga 2022.

Here you have the complete program of the white night of Malaga 2022 in pdf format.

You have all the complete programming on the official website of the Noche en Blanco Málaga and the most up-to-date information on its social networks, which I leave below.

Alejo Tomás